“Subtly compelling is Francis Alÿs’ deceptively simple ‘Sometimes doing is undoing, sometimes undoing is doing’. Projected on a large screen is a video of a British solider in Afghanistan filmed assembling and disassembling his weapon. On an adjacent screen, a Taliban fighter does the same with his weapon. No words are spoken and both men, separately, go about their tasks with a calm focus. As a piece of artwork it subtly but pervasively challenges the idea that the enemy is an ‘other’ and underlines instead only shared humanity.”

Deeply Murky Waters‘ – The Psychologist, January 2018, Professor Silke, A. – online review of Age of Terror: Art Since 9/11, a special chargeable exhibition now on at IWM London that runs until 28 May 2018.

13/3/17 – Italian language review of ‘Edmund Clark: War of Terror,’ photography exhibit at IWM London, on until 28 Aug 2017: Terrore e contro terrore all’Imperial War Museum di Londra

3/02/17 – Strange Meeting: 100 years of the Imperial War Museum by Neville Hawcock (Financial Times – answer several questions to access).

5/02/17 – Le Musée Impérial de la Guerre (Londres) by Estelle

22/12/16 – Imperial War Museum, Duxford by Rob Slusar

21/03/16 – American Air Museum di Duxford – Il War Museum di Londra celebra il bombardamento di Pont-Saint-Martin

3/09/14 – Visitar el Imperial War Museum de Londres by Xipo