Review: Refugees – Forced to Flee – online exhibition, Imperial War Museum — Refugee Hosts – Reblogged

In the article linked below, Sorcha Daly, Communications Coordinator with Refugee Hosts, reviews the online videos and images from Imperial War Museum London’s current exhibition on Refugees. Refugee Hosts is a research project collecting interviews and other research on the interaction between communities in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey with refugees. The project is led by Professor Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, co-director of the Migration Research Unit at UCL who features in an Imperial War Museum exhibition video, discussing a number of refugee sites, including the Baddawi Refugee Camp in northern Lebanon. She discusses the interaction between the original Palestinian inhabitants of Baddawi with new refugees, including, those fleeing the conflict in Syria, since 2011.

The Imperial War Museum’s (IWM) exhibition, Refugees-Forced to Flee, provides us with an opportunity to reimagine dominant concepts and aspects of war, including displacement, refugee camps, refugees and humanitarian response. In this post, Sorcha Daly, Refugee Hosts’ Communications Coordinator, reflects on Refugee Hosts’ contribution, along with a number of other videos from the exhibition, available […]

Refugee Hosts at the Imperial War Museum – discomfort, resistance, hope. — Refugee Hosts

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